Need editorial or corporate photography?

You've probably done a web search and now think that all Toronto corporate photographers are about the same. So you might be tempted to choose the lowest priced photographer. But photographers are not all the same and lowest price means lowest results.

Few Toronto photographers have three decades of journalism experience working for the country's largest newspapers, some of the world's largest wire services and a number of companies in a wide variety of industries. Few photographers understand both the technical requirements and the aesthetic theory of photography. Few understand the function and form of business photography.

Top reasons why we should work together:

  • You want to enhance the perceived value of your business by using quality photography.
  • Your business image and credibility are important.
  • To protect your company‚Äôs reputation, you need a photographer who knows photojournalism ethics.
  • You know that stock photos are ineffective and push customers away.
  • You deserve better than fast and cheap.

  • You've decided to stop being anonymous and now need business portraits.
  • You need pictures for a press release, brochure, annual report, web site, social media or other marketing collateral.
  • You want photos with an editorial look because they have the most credibility and are more likely to get used by the news media.
  • Your customers depend on your web site for information and you know a photo is worth a thousand words.
  • You've learned that you get what you pay for. You're not afraid to spend money but you don't want to waste it.

If any of these describe you or your company, then tell us about your photography needs.