Toronto sports photography

"Big Game" Photography

Much of what I shoot doesn't lend itself to being in a photo gallery. Business headshots, conference photography, public relations pictures and product photography are rarely interesting in a slideshow. But some editorial assignments can produce images that work well in a slideshow.

In July 2015, Toronto and a few of its neighbouring cities hosted the 2015 Pan Am Games. This 17-day sports event featured about 6,100 athletes from 41 countries competing in three to four dozen sports, (depending on how you count the various sports).

For photographers, the good thing about big sports events like this is that you get to shoot a wide variety of sports, some of which you may not have photographed before. The bad things about such events are the long days and the frequently bad transportation to/from/between various venues.

For taxpayers, the bad thing about a huge sports event is the price. The 2015 Pan Am Games cost about $2.5 billion. A Summer Olympics can cost up to six times that amount.