Toronto sports photographer

Professional Sports Event Coverage

Much of what I shoot doesn't lend itself to being in a photo gallery. Business headshots, conference photography, public relations pictures and product photography are rarely interesting in a slideshow. But some editorial assignments can produce images that work well in a slideshow.

These pictures are a small sample of photos from the Canadian Open women's tennis championship held in Toronto.

I started photographing professional men's and women's tennis in the late 1980s. The photos went to newspapers and wire services.

For several years between 2000 and 2012, I photographed the annual Toronto tennis event, which alternates between men's and women's tennis, for the tournament organizers. The pictures were used for its web site, daily programs, on-site posters, event marketing and sponsorships.

Covering professional sports for a news outlet is not just about getting good pictures, it's also about getting relevant pictures. News value is very important. It also helps to be creative.

Most sports photographers work very hard to avoid sponsor logos because they tend to distract from the photo's main subject.

On the other hand, covering professional sports for the corporate sponsors, or for the event itself, is about getting good pictures that do show sponsor logos. It's also important to get pictures of fans having a good time and interacting with the sponsors and on-site vendors.

When a pro sports event markets itself, it's not enough to just publicize the pro athletes or teams involved. It's important to show the public what a good time they will have if they attend the game. It's also important to show sponsors what they get for their corporate sponsorship dollars.