Toronto business conference photographer

Conference Photography You Can Count On

Being the large city that it is, Toronto is a preferred location for many business conferences, conventions and other corporate events. From small, local conferences or workshops to multi-day, international conventions, Toronto hosts a wide variety of business events.

People attend a conference or workshop to learn something new, to meet and network with other like-minded people, to generate new business leads and, in the process, have fun and be inspired. Having photos that show all of this can enhance the host company's reputation.

If your company is organizing a Toronto business event, you may need a conference photographer to document it. The photos can be used on your web site and social media channels, in press releases, in a post-conference newsletter sent to all participants and used to market next year's event.

Pictures of keynote speakers, panel discussions, delegates networking and enjoying the event, trade show displays and conference signage are important for reporting on your event.

A business conference, convention or meeting might have ten thousand attendees, a few hundred, or maybe just a couple dozen. Regardless of size, your event is important to your business and may need to be photographed.

I've photographed conventions with 35,000 people. I've photographed private meetings between prime minister and a handful of business executives. I know the importance of non-disclosure with regard to what is discussed at a business meeting.

It's easy to photograph a conference when it's held in a glamorous, high-end location or when the conference has a huge decorating and lighting budget. It's easy when the stage area looks like an expensive Las Vegas show is about to happen.

But most business conferences are not like that. Most business events are held in plain, beige-coloured meeting rooms. There may or may not be any kind of stage. Stage lighting, if there is any, might be one or two small spotlights.

Photo coverage of a conference or convention is based on my decades of photojournalism experience. This means I know how to make pictures no matter how the room looks or how it's lit. I know how to adapt to the situation at hand.

Conference photography is not about pretty pictures. Conference photography must have a business function. You're not paying a photographer to shoot pretty pictures for a photo album. You're hiring a photographer to create marketing images for your company. You need the photos to work for you.

Here are some general tips about conference photography.

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