Editorial and public relations photography

Love To Laugh

An off-guarded or unplanned moment often makes for the best pictures.

Newspaper and magazine editors, public relations people and corporate communication folks can make all the plans they want but they can never predict the unexpected. And the unexpected often makes for the most interesting photo simply because it's unexpected.

For some reason, we don't usually expect laughter even though they say it's the best medicine. Press conferences, business meetings, sports events and interviews are all serious matters.

Yet, a laugh is the most welcoming and humanizing expression. When someone laughs, we always turn to look.

"No one is ever more herself or himself than when they really laugh." — comedian George Carlin

A baby learns to laugh long before they learn to talk. This shows that laughter is deeply ingrained in our brains.

A real laugh is tough to fake which might suggest that a laugh is the most revealing of expressions.