Professional editing and retouching

Why post-process or retouch photos?

A camera doesn't see the world quite the same way as our eyes.

For better or worse, our eyes, and brain, are very forgiving. We don't really notice the wrinkles, age spots, stray hairs, acne, blotchy skin colour or crooked smile on friends around us. But a camera can record every flaw and blemish in exquisite detail.

We also don't really notice things like telephone poles, power lines, fire hydrants, uneven lighting, off-white lighting, weird shadows, odd reflections or converging verticals.

Unlike our ever-changing and always-moving eyes, a camera captures one moment forever. When looking at a photograph, we can see all the things that our eyes missed.

Standard post-processing helps a picture meet our basic expectations. It includes making colour, contrast and brightness adjustments so that the picture meets minimum professional standards.

Retouching goes a fews steps further and helps a photo exceed our expectations. A retouched photo can show what we wished we saw.

Despite what you may have seen on TV or in a movie, retouching a photo requires a lot more than just a click of a button. It might take half an hour or it might take all day to retouch just one photo.

Here are some Before-and-After pictures. The Before is the original image with no post-processing or retouching except for some cropping.

Click on each photo to see the original version.