Corporate Photography You Can Depend On

If you miss a project deadline, what does that cost? If the pictures don't work out and you have to do a reshoot, what does that cost in both time and money?

Trying to reorganize everyone to reshoot business portraits can be difficult. Conferences can't be repeated. Product launches can't be pushed back. Delaying the printing of a brochure or annual report can be very costly.

With 30 years experience photographing royalty, top-level politicians, international diplomats and business executives, I understand the absolute need to get it right the first time.

Business portraits, environmental portraits, coverage of business conferences and meetings, dignitary visits and other corporate photo opportunities are some of what my photo business can do for your business.

Effective photography for your annual report, brochures, web site, corporate library, content marketing, native advertising and your social media channels is what I do.

I can work with your designers, public relations agency, communications department, marketing agency and even directly with you   :–)

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Factory And Site Tour Photography To Show Your Best Side

It's common for larger businesses and manufacturers to have dignitaries, politicians, business partners, clients and even the general public visit their facilities.

Factory and site photography are an often overlooked marketing tool:

  • Would customers like to see how your products are made?
  • Why not show how good your employees are at their jobs?
  • Did you just upgrade your factory?
  • What goes on at your research facility?
  • How good is your quality control department?

This photography can be used in your annual report, in press releases, on your web site, on your social media channels and in other marketing.

Editorial Photography To Tell Your Story

With 30 years experience shooting editorial photography for newspapers and magazines, I've learned how to shoot almost anything, anywhere. Most importantly, I know the value of human interest and, if possible, a touch of humour.

Most editorial assignments come from trade, alumni, custom and corporate magazines. Much of this photography is environmental portraiture but it can also include a variety of other subject matter.

Quickly and quietly is how I like to work. Properly and fully captioned images to meet newspaper and wire service requirements is my standard procedure.

If required, I can shoot to layout. I know to do both vertical and horizontal, leave space at the top or down one side, or whatever else your designer needs.

For large projects, I can arrange for a team of photographers and photo editors.

Professional Sports Photography That Puts You In The Game

A recent report said that sports often takes the lead spot in news coverage. This is to say that sports is no longer confined to the sports section of the newspaper or TV broadcast.

If your company sponsors a sports event, this should be good news for you. It means that your connection to a sports event can be shown not just in the sports section but also into the news, business and maybe even the lifestyle sections.

The most important ingredient in all pro sports stories is, of course, photography. Can you even imagine sports coverage without any pictures?

Your company has to connect itself not only with the players or teams involved but also with the excitement of the sport.

This is where an experienced sports photographer becomes valuable. This photographer knows not only how to produce good sports photos but also how to organically include your company's logo and other signage.

If your company is sponsoring a sports event, this type of photography is not only good for press releases and advertising (assuming you have the proper athlete or league clearance) but also for use on your social media, web site and annual report.

If your company manufactures sports equipment or clothing, this photography can be used to show your products in use. This will always attract more interest than simple product shots. Editorial photos of your products in use are perfect for press releases and social media.