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Public Relations Photography That Gets You Attention

What’s the difference between advertising and public relations?

The short answer is that advertising is bought from a media outlet’s sales department and public relations is received free from a media outlet’s news department. Guess which one has more credibility? It's all about the media blessing.

Public relations photography, sometimes also called "publicity photography," is not about selling a product or service. It's about producing editorial photography that puts your company in a favourable light and increases your name recognition.

Good PR photography is part of a two-way communication with the customer. The photography helps inform the reader about something they might want to know about a company or product and, in turn, it helps the customer respond positively to the company.

An editorial style of photography is used to provide information because people trust editorial photography more than any other type.

Public relations photography includes photos for press releases, media handouts and social media.

Editors often say, "If there's no picture, there's no story." This means that every press release you send out should include a picture or two. And not just any picture will do. The photo must be relevant to your story and it must be interesting enough to draw in the reader.

Subject matter can vary widely including portraits, corporate events, conferences, manufacturing processes, products in use, construction progress, and almost anything else you might need to communicate with the public.

Are you planning a brand activation? This might be held during another larger event, in a shopping mall, or at your own venue. I've photographed such events for Jaguar, Land Rover, General Motors Canada, Boots, Miele, Tennis Canada, 2XU, Robert Mondavi Winery, Cayman Islands Tourism and Florida Tourism.

I'm happy to work with your publicist, public relations agency, marketing agency or in-house communications department.

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