Privacy Policy

On its own, this web site does not collect any personal information. Personal information is considered to be any information about an identifiable individual.

We use Google Analytics to provide us with non-personal, aggregate information about this web site and its viewers. Most web browsers let you block or delete Google's cookie. Cookies are not required to browse this site.

No unwanted correspondence from us

If you choose to contact us, your name, e-mail address, phone number and any other contact information you provide is kept on file so that we may respond to your enquiries. This information is not given to anyone else and it is deleted if no longer needed.

Your business is your business

All estimates and invoices are in complete confidence. Just you, us and the federal tax department.

If we photograph your secret device, proprietary process or magical thingamajig, just let us know and the photos will be kept private.

We always assume a non-disclosure policy with regard to you and your business. We will not disclose any information about your wooden teeth, the CEO's drinking problem or what really goes into your company's best-selling snack food, should any of that come to light during a photo shoot. Mum's the word.

If we do photograph propriety objects or we're given private access to something or someone, you're welcome to provide a non-disclosure agreement.

Photos that we produce for you are never given to your competitors. The pictures will not be used or sold as stock photos for third-party use.

A few more things to know

As a general rule, we maintain copyright ownership in all our photos. This includes the right to display any photograph on this web site.

This web site has many pictures of people. The sole purpose is to provide you with examples of our photographic abilities. If you happen to appear in one of these pictures and aren't too thrilled about it, let us know and it will be removed.

Payments made through this site are processed by PayPal on its secure web site. Payments made on location are processed by Square through its secure system. We do not receive any of your financial information.

One last point

This web site's blog uses WordPress software. If you choose to submit a comment, you have to leave your name, e-mail address and, optionally, your web site url. Your name will be published and linked to your web site, if available. Your e-mail address will not be published nor used for anything else.